Friday 18 March 2011

Friday morning

. . . and the Comic Relief cup cakes are all done, iced and ready to take in to school. All forty one of them. Unfortunately, the cakes I made yesterday evening went a bit flat and, as always, the decorations are a long way from brilliant as you can see in the photo, but they taste OK, so no problems. As long as the money rolls in . . .

In less happy news whinge, whine moan, I've got another cold. The back is aching, the nose is blocked, the head throbs and the throat is sore. Now where did I put the paracetamol?

Right, that's got that grumble out of the way! Cheering up again, today is SEN day and there's a long list of stuff, as always, to get done, the most immediate being to prepare for a staff meeting next week. I have to day, this day of non contact is a boon and a blessing. How I ever did it before protected SEN time I will never know. Now there's two of us and we're still very busy. It's some law or other - work expands to fill the time available . . . so true.

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