Saturday 12 March 2011

Saturday morning a bit later on

. . . and I've been a ba-a-a-ad girl! It's all Lakeland's fault, of course, it made me do it! They shouldn't be allowed to sell cupcake makers. If it wasn't Lakeland's fault, then it was DD's. She said she wanted one and it set me off! Yes, it did!

The better news is that I have got myself a new printer! In the end I went for another HP because I like them and they've always done a good job. But my goodness, how they have come down in price. Incredible.

I also got some T shirts as they were two for £10 in Bhs, lovely pastel spring colours too. And I got the bits and bobs I was expecting to find, so quite a successful outing (albeit expensive).

Better go and try out my new toy now.

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