Sunday 27 March 2011

Sunday afternoon

Even later today than yesterday. So sorry, those readers who came along expecting an update this morning. My visitor has now gone, heading towards her own home courtesy of what passes for British Rail nowadays. Hopefully the journey will be easy, trouble free and speedy and I will hear of her safe arrival this evening. It's been a lovely weekend, thanks for coming.

Apart from that, what a glorious day it is today. Sunny, mild, fresh. And have you noticed how suddenly green tinted the hedges and trees have become? Wonderfully invigorating. If Easter was earlier, tomorrow would be holiday. because it's as late as it can be this year, there are two more weeks, as I have said before, but, with such lovely weather, I can't help but feel most holiday-ish right at the moment. I probably won't feel quite so free and easy tomorrow morning, but when spring stirs the blood, who can resist? Not me.

Photo: Spring springing in the garden.

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