Wednesday 30 March 2011

Wednesday morning

I have no idea whether this will all come out as one huge wodge of text or as paragraphs. Here's hoping.

After seeing the video about icing in a rose effect I had to have a go, of course. The photos are what the results look like. Quite pretty, I think, although a bit ragged around the edges. These will freeze nicely and be there when needed.

The halogen oven has started its tests. Last night I cooked a jacket potato: quicker than an oven - and cheaper - but, obviously, not anywhere near microwave speed. However, as I don't like microwaved jacket potatoes, that's OK. This morning I tried 'boiled' eggs. No water, hence the inverted commas. I now know it makes nice hard boiled eggs! Oh, well, that's how we learn! The instruction leaflet and the accompanying book are both a bit rubbish so I'm going to have to trawl around the Internet and think about adapting my own recipes.

Now, what shall I try tonight?

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