Saturday 12 March 2011

Saturday morning

And. . .

I'm going on a printer hunt
I'm going to catch a big one
What a beautiful day!!
I'm not scared

As well as that, I'm off into town to pay in some money, I'm going into Lakeland to get sundry bits and bobs and, after trawling around PC World, I am going to treat myself to a look around Hobbycraft (yes, again). See, it is a beautiful day, whatever the weather says! And I'm not scared, but the bank manager might be!

I've just baked 30 cupcakes. No, I'm not going into business, no way, but I had an idea for comic relief which is this coming Friday (the cakes will be frozen until Thursday evening).
I bake cupcakes and ice them with comic relief related stuff (red noses, red hearts, etc). People buy one for £1.00 or more (more, I hope) and write their name on a cupcake picture to go into the Grand Draw! The winner gets a third of the money paid, comic relief gets the rest.

I hope it works! What do you think?

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