Thursday 3 March 2011

Thursday evening

. . . and my brain is reeling with EYFSP data, performance criteria, progress and performance scales and so on. Actually, it was interesting but hard, hard work on the course this afternoon. I did make one comment that was 'praised' so I obviously said something right there, thank goodness.
And the next one - the last one - is about transition to Y1, which will be jolly useful.

PE was fun, fun, fun. They were Victorian children so they all marched out in line, stood in rows and did 'drill' (sort of). The children thought it was great. Then I taught them how to play hopscotch and how to bowl a hoop. The fun made up for the fact that it was very, very cold indeed. For them, anyway. Almost I envied the little one with the broken arm who stayed in the warm.

I have some washing in the machine that's going through its fourth wash. I've been so busy I haven't had time to take the clothes out and hang them up to dry so they've just stayed in and got pongy, requiring another wash. I think tonight will be their lucky night!

Better go and do it then, before I fall asleep!

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