Wednesday 23 March 2011

Wednesday evening

Well, what a lovely, fulfilling day it has been. After yesterday's cough, splutter, bone weary exhaustion I wasn't expecting all that much.

I was wrong.

Today was our turn to do family assembly. Dressed in their Victorian clothes from the museum trip, well rehearsed and sparkling with excitement, my littlies surpassed themselves. They were fantastic. I was so very, very proud of them.

In maths I tried something that I would never have though possible a month ago and they rose to the occasion magnificantly. Wow!!

I helped a colleague at lunchtime and she bought me a bunch of flowers. She wasn't to know that I just love receiving flowers. Thank you so much.

Staff meeting was based on SEN. I was a bit nervous about it but it was good. It went well, no problems. Phew.

So now I'm home with not an awful lot to do before tomorrow. I can rest and relax. I can get an early night without a guily conscience.

What more can any self respecting teacher want? It's been a lovely day. Now all I need is for the chesty cough to go!

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