Thursday 3 March 2011

Thursday morning

First of all, many congratulations to Diane's son, who passed an important test yesterday and is now on his way to achieving his ambition. Brilliant.

It's very dull and very cold outside at the moment. Contrary to what iGoogle says, it's not actually raining in this part of the world - yet. Typical, of course, as it's Thursday and therefore outside games day. Fingers crossed . . .

This afternoon I am off to the third of a series of four courses all about managing Foundation Stage. Each time I go I learn more and more - it's extremely interesting and puts me well in the picture.
So that's me out of school - again! There are copious notes for my supply though. When one plans, one doesn't write everything down, just the bare bones, because it's all in ones head. The poor supply, of course, doesn't have this understanding and, sometimes, the 'helpful notes' can be very long . . .

And then it's nearly the end of the first week back. Where, oh where, has the time gone? Mind you, there's plenty to do this weekend, what with parents evenings coming up, assessments to do, etc . . . It's all go.

There is something to look forward to though. The Witches are meeting again, this time for drinks and nibbles, and a neighbour who moved away a while ago is coming too. Great fun all round!

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