Monday 28 March 2011

Monday evening

. . . and it was back up! I don't feel comfortable when the connection is down. It's amazing how even a techno-twit like me has come to rely on my Internet. This has happened before, pretty infrequently, to be fair. It's usually overnight and I probably only notice it because I go online so very early! People with sensible sleep patterns would never realise! I was glad to get to school and find that there were no problems there. So - after a really great weekend, it was back to work. The children were obviously affected by the hour less sleep - they were yawning and looking weary. No, it wasn't my boring teaching, what an idea!!!!! How could you suggest such a thing? This afternoon I was on the last of a four session course on senior managers and the early years. It was about transition and was very interesting although it could be highly depressing if one didn't realise that the course leaders are painting the ideal picture. I reckon we do OK really. So, we're now into the last fortnight before the end of term. It's been a long term, unusually, as generally this term is shorter. Easter being so very late this year means that the first half of the summer term is very short - just five weeks. Only two of them are complete weeks too. The first week is three days (Easter Monday and that Wedding), the second week is four days (May day) and the last week is four days (INSET). And then it's not so far off the end of the school year. No, I haven't started counting the days . . . Yet . . .

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