Tuesday 15 March 2011


This should really go in my 'other' blog bit . . .

I've bitten the bullet and, despite the cost and a freezer full of home made meals, I have decided to go back to buying in meals again. The food control has just crashed in recent weeks and I'm desperate to get back on track. Easy, surely? Well, no, it's proving to be extremely hard and is getting me down considerably.

I looked on Bodychef, which has stood me in such good stead in the past but the increased cost is wince-creating and I feel that I am priced out of this now. So I've decided to go for the Solo Slim meals from Rosemary Conley. They do a package of ten main meals for £30 (including postage) which seems pretty good. I will have to organise the lunches and breakfasts, but I think I can do that if the evening meals are done for me. So I've chosen ten meals from quite a good range and we shall see . . .

Fingers crossed for me, please.

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