Friday 18 March 2011

Friday evening

. . . and the weekend starts here. I'm bone weary and fit for nothing but rubbish TV, a relaxing book and a good cuppa.

It was good though - all the cakes went, they raised £51.80 and because the winner of the draw donated her winnings back to Comic Relief (thank you so much, A, for your generosity), the whole amount is going to be sent off, together with the results of the 'wear a silly hat to school' day. Really encouraging and well worth the extra work they took.

The cold is landing good and hard now. Sniffles and snuffles. I'm not the only one - it's going around the staff like wildfire, or so it seems.Let's hope it's short, even if it can't be sweet.

Looking ahead to the weekend, this evening is set aside for R&R, as previously mentioned. Tomorrow is devoted to getting the place back into some sort of order and then baking and decorating some rather special cupcakes (I hope they will be special, anyway) as birthday and thank you presents. Nice and relaxing and utterly satisfying.

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