Thursday 17 March 2011

Thursday morning

One down, one to go!
Last night's was the biggie. More or less solid booked from 5:50 to 8:30 and, as it turned out, I finally finished at around 9:15. Boy, was I tired!!

This evening it's earlier. Last appointment is at 5:50. There are far fewer and there's welcome gaps in between, meaning that I don't have to panic if I get a little bit behind. Phew.

And then, when I get home, I can relax by making a whole load more cupcakes and if I do them early, I can get them iced too, rather than early Friday morning. Great! I'm hoping people donate more and they raise a whole load of dosh for Comic Relief.

And then I'm planning a 'nothing much weekend'. Bliss!

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