Wednesday 23 March 2011

Wednesday morning

. . . and a cold, misty morning it is too. I got a surprise looking out of the window this morning, earlier. I'm right on the edge of the town, there's one more house, then a road running at right angles and then it's farm land. I could see the road clearly and then there was a thick bank of fog over the fields so that I could see no further than the other side of the road. It's now creeping in and all around the houses and parked cars it's quite misty. It's also jolly cold; quite a surprise after the warmth of yesterday.

And today is a birthday. This blog is now two years old! Many thanks to all readers, those who have been with me from the word go and those who have come along later. Hopefully there's been some good bits amidst the mundane, everyday ramblings! Here's to the coming year!

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