Saturday 5 March 2011

Saturday afternoon - almost!

One problem solved, thanks to advice from a friend - you roll the icing out between two sheets of baking parchment of the ever-so-non-stick variety. I get mine from Lakeland (surprise, surprise).
I've just had a go, making some topping thingies for some cakes I will make tomorrow to lighten the load at the SMT meeting on Monday and it works. Thanks, Julie, you're a star!

I've just had a trawl on some sites and bought some holly leaf plunger cutter thingies.
Wrong time of year? - yes, I know, but I was looking for some before Christmas and do you think I could find any anywhere. No, I could not. It's obviously like clothes: you can only buy winter clothes the preceeding summer. You can only buy Christmas cutters in the early Spring. ;0)

Photo: in the garden.

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