Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to Wednesday!
Yesterday started off very wet and broke into glorious sunshine later on.  Very cheering.  Today it's nothing really, just cold and dull.  Colder weather is supposed to be heading this way so we will see, won't we?

Today I am a bit bereft.  You might remember that some weeks ago the scales on my Thermomix stopped working but a bit of fiddling got the function back.  However, they have stopped working again and this time I have asked them to repair (it's still in guarantee/warranty/whatever it's called) so, this morning, it is being picked up.  However am I going to manage without my Thermione making life easy in the kitchen?  I have no idea how long it will take so Beth has very kindly said I can have the old Thermione 1 back again for a while (I gave it to her when the new one arrived).

Poor old Beth is still poorly.  This norovirus is a nasty piece of work, for sure.  She was going to come over today but has, quite rightly, cancelled.

On a brighter note - I overslept!  Yes, I did!  I didn't wake until after seven this morning and I went to bed before ten last night.  That's made up for the lack of sleep over Monday night and I do feel so much better for it.

Today I have the usual housework and planning to do and I shall get on with the Maries (is that the [plural for Mary?) for the nativity crib sets I am making.  I wonder what's on daytime telly.

If anyone is looking, I have started posting the daily menu on my new blog, My 30-30 Challenge, instead of here.  It won't interest my foody readers much, I think, but my frugal readers might like to take a look and, if so, here's the link:
I've now located the 'Follow' button so, if you want to, please do.  :-)

It's time for coffee and then I must go up and get dressed so I am ready when they come to kidnap Thermione.
Have a good day!

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