Thursday 23 February 2017


Cough, cough, splutter.  :-)

We're supposed to be getting some bad weather through the day today.  It doesn't seem to have arrived yet, but it does feel a bit colder and I am pampering myself by turning up the heating a little bit.

It was back to tuition after half term yesterday and jolly nice it was too.  What is also nice is to have 'outside' evidence that ones pupils are making progress; it is jolly encouraging, both for them and for me.

Today I had been planning the morning in and then off to school for Y2 reading followed by more tuition.  However, I have great news (great for me anyway) - Thermione is coming home tomorrow!  She's been repaired and all is well again.  I have missed my Thermomix, but not as much as I would have done because Beth kindly let me have my old one back again for the duration.  It would have been a big pain otherwise as I use her every day, usually several times.  Thanks, Beth - really appreciated.

As I have the girls round for a meal tomorrow evening, I have to go shopping and I may as well do it today so as to be in all day tomorrow.  It gives me a clear run for Thermione, for tidying the house - the bits that show, anyway - and prepping the meal.  They're bringing the desserts and drinks so all I have to do is the main (a one pot chicken and rice thing with side veg and a vegetarian chick pea equivalent) and some nibbles which will be cruditees and dips.  Nothing too arduous.

The coffee is waiting and I ought to be getting going, I think.  Have a good day and I hope the winds aren't too dangerous where you are.

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