Tuesday 21 February 2017


Apologies for yesterday's non-appearance.  Everything's fine, but it was a busy day, breakfast was ready before I was and then I forgot I hadn't done it.

I spent the weekend with Mum and Dad and it was quiet and gentle (mostly).  On the way home yesterday I stopped off at Aldi in Bishop's Stortford and did a little bit of shopping for the week, although I hardly need anything in really.  Once home, I unpacked stuff and then went into school for Knitter Knatter and then reading with FS.  All jolly good fun and most enjoyable.

Today, I was expecting Beth over but she can't come now so I will take a drive out to And Sew On to collect more fabric for the quilt I am making.  You see, they have a whole shop for fabrics that they have reduced and, at a fiver a metre, that can't be sneezed at and is cheaper than the market even.

I will also go into the yarn shop as I want to get some super chunky stuff.  Some of the girls at Knitter Knatter are into using very chunky yarn and are knitting great lengths so I thought I'd show them how to make a bag by example.

Later on, it is one of my favourite programmes, Further Back in Time, so despite not seeing Beth, I think it will be a fun day.  The only fly in the ointment is this cold which is still trying to land - persistent things aren't they, colds!

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