Tuesday 28 February 2017


. . . and there's a fair old nip in the air this morning.  No frost but I don't think it was far off one.  In fact, it got chillier and chillier through yesterday, which was a most unpleasant day with wind and rain.  I was doing supply and had to do a playground duty.  Brrrrr.

Actually, I really enjoyed the morning, bitty as it was, and Knitter Knatter and the afternoon nanny-helping was also great fun.  I was so tired though.  I got in, made and ate some toast and went to sleep for an hour!

Today I have to go out to buy a new printer, my old one finally giving up the ghost.  I shall go to Computer World as they usually have a good selection, and I shall be angelic and resist the impulse to go into Hobbycraft which is almost next door.  Yes, I will!

For the rest of the day I shall be doing homey things - drying and ironing clothes, making bread and some sewing.  Also planning for tuition, although I can't do much preparation until I've got a printer, so that comes first.

I'd better go then - it is half past nine and the milk rush will have dies down.  Washing in first and then off I go!

Have a good day.


  1. So did you manage to avoid temptation in Hobbycraft? Delighted to say I have a good excuse to buy yarn for our new granddaughter born on 20th February.

    Have blogged about her, and her big brother in my blog which has moved from Blogger, it didn't like my iPad. Now I'm at https://pixiemumblog.wordpress.com

  2. I did, I was very well behaved. Mind you, after buying the printer, common sense HAD to prevail!
    Will check out your site.
    J x