Friday, 10 February 2017


Hi, everyone.  It's damp and chilly and I'm going to whinge because I think I'm starting a cold.  Aches, sore throat and a headache.  It's half term so I suppose In ought to have expected it!

Grumble over.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Early morning shopping to get it done, then kitchen stuff and school in the afternoon, followed by tuition.  I have one session next week and the others have cancelled because of half term (I don't mind in the least bit).  Nevertheless, I shall plan the next sessions while the last ones are fresh in my memory - it's better that way.  Then all I have to do is look over them before hand and refresh my memory.

In Aldi, they had some fat quarters at a pack for £3.99 so I got some; they have been washed and are now drying on the rack as it is far too damp to dry them outside.  I rather like the patterns - most of them, anyway - and they will make nice bags, etc.   My 'ambition' is to have enough lovely, home made bags for all shopping needs!

After shopping I dropped in on Beth and borrowed her thermo, my old one, as she's not using it much and I was missing mine.  I've already used her several times and I'm just about to make some dough that can rise while I have my bath and get dressed.  I can't be too lazy this morning as the cleaners are round!

Later on I shall do my ironing and then get stuck into one of the Miss Read books that arrived yesterday and which I have never read.  Happy days - for me, not the name of the book!

SO, I'd better get going.  Have a lovely day and stay warm, if you possibly can.  It is bitter out there.


  1. Lets hope the cold doesnt materialise and you have a nice day.

  2. I've slept a lot today so we will see. Thanks, Diane.
    J x