Sunday 19 February 2017


Yesterday was a quiet day.  Reading, knitting, chatting and catching up on lost sleep.  Today looks like being similar.

I've finished the Maries and now I've started the Josephs!   Getting there.

Wasn't it mild yesterday?  Today looks like being the same - sunny and spring-like.  Bring it on!  I stepped outside after dark yesterday and thought I could almost have sat outside; there was absolutely no chill whatsoever.  It was lovely.

The cold still seems to be trying to land so fingers crossed that it flies away!

Have a good day, everyone.


  1. It was grey mizzly and cold up North yesterday and I think today is more of the same. Perfect crafting weather as I don't feel guilty about staying in

  2. Knitting is the beginning, all the padding and finishing off takes a long time too. Well done! Jx

  3. Mizzle and leaden sky here too!

    It's a weird cold this season isn't it? I had a bit of a cold and a nasty cough for about 10 days in January. Cough went but another cold keeps knocking at the door but hasn't found a way in yet. It's been quiet for a week now so hopefully it stopped trying.

  4. It's always lovely to have an excuse to craft (if one is needed), isn't it? Bad weather is perfect! What are you making right now, Rachel?
    Joan, you are right - the knitting is the start and there's plenty more to do. I'm saving the rest until I have done all the knitting.
    Annabeth, I hope your attaching cold has given up and gone away . . .

    J x