Saturday 11 February 2017


. . . and we have snow.  Not enough or of the right quality to make a even a snowball but nonetheless - snow!  I've turned the heating up!

Yesterday was a slow and lazy day.  The aches and the sore throat didn't develop into anything else, thank goodness, and I had a long afternoon sleep.  I may repeat that part today!
I made bread which turned out lovely and I made some tomato and lentil soup that also turned out really well.

Apart from that it was ordinary stuff all day.  The cleaners came and worked their usual magic so the house is now clean and fairly tidy - tidy for me, that is.

Today I have no real plans.  I might do some sewing or I might do some knitting and watch a DVD; I'll see how I feel.  And I didn't finish the tuition planning so that's very much on the cards for today.

But now - time for a second coffee.  Have a good day and stay warm.

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