Tuesday 7 February 2017


Good morning.

If I had to go out today, I'd be feeling very grumbly about the cold and the rain but as I don't, I feel sorry for those of us who do!  Dashing to the freezer and back again earlier was enough for me.

Yesterday was quite different.  We had some lovely sunshine in the morning.  Yes, it was cold, but sun makes all the difference.  It was an OK drive back home from my parents', slow as there was a lot of farm vehicles about, but never stopping completely.  I stopped off at Aldis as planned and got bits and bobs that I needed.

Knitter Knatter continues to be fun.  They've all got the idea, more or less, although some are more proficient than others and they all live up to the name of the club with their chatter.

In the afternoon I heard readers, cleaned whiteboards, helped with zips, etc, and generally had a very good time.

Today Beth was going to come round but she's still suffering from the noro virus and feeing pretty poor, so she's not coming.  I therefore have a free day so have planned in some washing, drying (inside, sadly) and ironing, some sewing, some other housework, some cooking, some planning and, probably, some snoozing seeing as I was very late to bed but work up at just after four this morning.

That should keep me out of trouble, shouldn't it?

I'm tackling the shin of beef today, having found a 'sensible' looking recipe.  I shall be using tea instead of wine - it sounds daft but it works.  It's a long, slow recipe so the house should smell brilliant by the end of the day.

Well, it's nearly seven so I suppose I'd better get going.


  1. Here's wall-to-wall sunshine after yesterday's hard frost. Still cold but at least it is dry. Am getting fed up of soggy dogs with muddy paws. Jx

  2. It's sunny here now. Cheered me up no end! It's very damp and muddy though.
    J x