Friday, 17 February 2017


Good morning.  Wasn't it a beautiful day yesterday?  Sunny and so very mild.  It doesn't look so promising outside yet today but it's mild and the snowdrops are flowering like crazy.

Yesterday was quite a productive day in that I got a number of things sorted out and I made some lemon marmalade.  Not from scratch, that would be too much like hard work, but I used a can of MaMade that someone gave me a while ago which is dead easy and tastes lovely!.  So I have jars to share with Mum and Dad, Beth and Jane and some left for myself.

In the end, Beth didn't come over, but I still made the tomato and lentil soup - one for yesterday, one for today and a portion for the freezer.  Lucky freezer!

I was a little bit naughty.  You see, I get quite frustrated when slicing my home made bread when it is very fresh - if you make bread you will know exactly what I mean.  I like to make, slice and freeze - when you live alone you don't necessarily get through enough bread, even a small loaf, before it goes stale.

So I looked around for some sort of slicer.  I looked at electric meat/bread slicers but no, too complicated.  I don't need another appliance that will fill the inside of a cupboard after the first few weeks  I looked at manual slicers but no - they all looked either fragile or not adaptable enough.  I wanted something that would do thin, medium or thick slices.  Then I found this . . .

. . . and ordered one.
I hope it's not a pup.

Today is going to be a nice day.  I have some housework and some ironing, then I can do some crafting and later on I am out for dinner.  Splendid!

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