Wednesday 22 February 2017


Good morning!  It's getting light and I'm noticing how much earlier dawn is now.  I suppose, thinking about it, we are a third of the way towards the longest day.  It's nice to see earlier light. even if all it shows is promise of a dull day.

Oh, dear, I was very materialistic yesterday.

First of all I went into town.  First stop was Lakeland where I got the misto I was 'needing' plus other stuff - shaped bread tins (semi planned purchase), roll tins (not planned but hugely reduced), an electric tin opener (planned purchase) and some icing bags.

Then I popped into John Lewis but wasn't tempted.  Yes, they have some lovely stuff but . . . well, a lot of expensive ju - er I mean unnecessary stuff.

After that I made the drive to Blake House Craft Centre where I ransacked the sale shop and found plenty of blue fabrics for the quilt I am planning to make and some fabric to make some summer skirts for myself.  I then meandered down to the yarn shop and enjoyed myself there too.

I'm not a particularly keen shopper in general terms but when it comes to cooking stuff and crafting stuff, I can stand up to the best.

Then I came home to be greeted by a parcel - the T shirts I ordered over the weekend.  I was very impressed with the speedy delivery.

And then, mid-afternoon, there was a ring at the door and lo and behold, it was the loaf slicer thingy I had ordered and which I wasn't expecting for several weeks.  So, of course, I had to start some dough off, didn't I?  It needed testing - as did the shaped bread tins!

While I was in the kitchen, I decided it was time to make another sourdough starter - not for sourdough bread but for sourdough crumpets.  You make them with the discard, you see.  So it's just as well I'm not going to be away for a while now.  It's bubbling away in the kitchen - yes, I cheated and used some yeast as well as the flour and water.  (apologies to any purists reading)

The bread was nice, the slicer worked extremely well, the fabrics are now washed, dried and ironed and today I will start cutting them into squares - that takes longer than you would think because you have to measure so carefully.

Unfortunately, the cold has landed.  Snuffles, sore throat, aching arms and shoulders - etc, etc, etc.  Oh, well, it's not so bad really and I can snuggle down and rest, if needed.

So - today is housework, crafting, planning a meal (I have the girls round on Friday and am doing the main course) and completing the planning for tonight's tuition.  I have no idea what to make for the meal so I will be consulting my cookery books!  I suspect the meat main will be a one pot chicken thing and the vegetarian will be macaroni cheese but we will see.


  1. sourdough is great stuff and if a little yeast helps it on its way why not. Sounds like you had some good retail therapy to keep you happy while the cold does its stuff.

  2. I did, Diane, yes. Now I have to find places to put it all! :-)
    J x