Sunday 12 February 2017


It's cold, wet, dull and unpleasant, but I'm feeling great!  

I slept a lot yesterday again.  I think I'm catching up on some bad nights last week somewhat, but I'm also sleeping well through the nights as well.  It's great!

What did I do yesterday?  Well, precious little really apart from social networking, sewing, knitting, sleeping and watching telly.  What a great life, eh?

Today Beth is over for lunch.  I've been to Morrisons and picked up some milk (and a few other bots as bobs, as you do), I've made some granola because what I have is almost used up and I shall sit and read the paper with coffee in hand in a short while.  

I feel absolutely no inclination to go out for anything.  I'm so lazy!

Have a great day yourself, whatever you are goig to do.


  1. Sleep is a good thing. It even helps loosing weight (I mean the 7-8 hours daily recommended by doctors).

  2. Hello Joy x
    Half term!! It was a busy slog of a five week half term! It's freezing up North and apart from a whopping £100 shop at Asda ( GULP ) I've not moved far from my spot in front of the fire! Knitting and blogging!

  3. Knitting and blogging by the fire (how I envy you the fire) sounds perfect for half term. After all, it is meant to be a holiday!
    And yes, sleep is definitely a good thing and I wish I could sleep a bit longer in the early mornings - although it is a beautiful time of day so maybe I don't really, not as much as I think I do!
    J x