Monday 27 February 2017


. . . and I have been up for ages with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach after a restless night.  Why?  I have a morning of supply and don't know what the planning is, that's why.  It is stupid because I know the teacher will have left more than adequate planning for me and that I am more than capable of delivering what is required but . . . well, I wouldn't make much of a professional supply teacher, would I?  Maybe they harden to it after a while.

Anyway - it will be fun, I am sure, and I do love Y1.

In the end, Beth and Alex couldn't come round yesterday so I had a quiet and peaceful day on my own.  I did some baking and some soup making, making good use of Thermione, and then I sorted out the ironing basket which is now ready for the next load.  At some point the sun came out, which was cheering.

I managed to forget my minor worries after my early start by dealing with the sourdough and making a couple of crumpets with the discard.  They will be nice for breakfast tomorrow, I think, with peanut butter, maybe, or marmalade.

After the morning's supply, it is Knitter Knatter Club which will be great fun.  After that I shall be sorting out homework for FS and hearing some readers before coming home and collapsing in a huddle, I suspect.  However did I manage it day in, day out, for so many years?  I must be getting old.

Well, I do have to be outdoor ready earlier than usual so I had better bring this to a close and go up for my bath.  Have a great day, one and all.

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