Monday, 13 February 2017


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Monday!  It's still jolly cold but the air is dryer, the clouds are higher and we might even get some sun, you never know.

Yesterday was a much brighter day - no outside, that was miserably cold and damp but inside.  Beth came round to lunch and I made the macaroni cheese that we both love so much.  Then we got going on stuff we are making for others.  Two owl cushions and two bags.  We needed to check colours for the bags but now we have received confirmation, that's what I'm going to finish off today.  For the bags, we measured, discussed, drew out plans and finally cut out the fabric.  One is going to be quilted so I can make the quilt sandwich today and maybe even get the quilting done.

After tea I put on a DVD I hadn't watched before.  It was the second Independence Day film.  I enjoyed the first one and I also enjoyed this one - even though it was remarkably similar to the first film in too many ways.  It was escapist nonsense with a bit of a message and very undemanding!

Today, apart from sewing and planning, I shall knit and hope to finish off the Maries.  I might have some ironing this evening too.  It feels odd not to be going into school for Knitter Knatter and reading - I've definitely got a pattern going there, haven't I?

Just to remind anyone who is looking for my menu that at the moment I am posting them on another blog, My 30-30 Challenge.  If you're interested in frugal food, you might like to take a look.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.


  1. Good luck with all the craft work I must say I would love to have the room to put my sewing machine up and not have to put it away every meal time. Quilting appeals to me but not in the current circumstances.

  2. I do put it 'away', sort of, under the gopak table that's in the corner of the room. :-)
    J x