Friday, 24 February 2017


Well, yesterday was quite a day, wasn't it?  Even round here the winds were pretty strong and I was nearly blown over - twice.  No personal damage though and it has all moderated.
We had some very strong showers too although the first one was the worst.  It happened just as the children were arriving for school and, despite the temperature being around ten degrees, there was a fair bit of snow mixed in with the rain.

Just as that moderated, I got an email asking if I could do a bit of emergency supply.  I couldn't do the morning but I did the afternoon (I was due to be in school anyway) which is how I know about the children getting soaked - loads of them were in PE kit with their clothes drying on all the radiators!

In the morning I managed to do my shopping.  I went to Sainsbury's for a change and I wished I hadn't.  They are doing some significant alterations to the car park, parking space was a bit limited and they had people directing the cars round.  I was lucky - someone drove out just ahead of me - but I could easily have gone round and round and more cars were entering than leaving!

I left school quickly (having OKed it with management) because I had tuition.  By the time that was over, I was pretty worn out.  I think I am out of practice after so many months with no supply!

Today looks like being easier.  For a start, Thermione comes home.  The cleaners are coming so I need to get the place tidy before they arrive which shouldn't take all that long.  The worst part is the sewing table and I won't be able to clear that, just tidy it.

Then I have a meal to prepare.  Instead of going to the Hare, this time the girls are coming here.  I'm doing the main, J and L are bringing desserts and Beth is bringing drinks (no wine as people will be driving).  I am doing a chicken and rice one pot with some side vegetables (probably roasted parsnips and broccoli, and Beth's vegetarian alternative will be chick peas and rice - more or less the same as the other but no meat.  I shall add some feta for extra flavour.

I think a second cup of coffee is calling me so I will go and sort that out.  I hope all my UK readers are safe after yesterday's extreme winds and that no damage has been done to property or possessions.


  1. Glad you didn't get blown over!
    I don't like Sainsburys myself - unless I can walk. I think their parking tends to be stingy at the best of times.

  2. Me too! :-)
    It's a good shop - very large and has clothes and everything, but while the 'improvements' are going on, I will be avoiding it, I think.
    J x