Monday 6 February 2017


Ouch, ouch, ouch!
I'm using my laptop to type this, I've just shifted in bed and my calf has started cramping.  Ouch, ouch.
Hang on while I stretch it . . . .

Ah, that's better.  What a great start to the day!

Good morning, everyone.  Chilly, isn't it?  I'm up at my parents and driving home this morning so I'm glad there's no fog as there was yesterday.

It has been a nice weekend.  Very lazy apart from cooking the dinners to give Mum a break - it's fun when it's someone else's kitchen.  Yesterday I did a mince mixture for cottage pie and it was jolly tasty, though I say it myself.  As always there was plenty of veg in it and I always add lentils and oats for extra flavour and thickness.  As a reward, I have the leftovers to take home with me so I won't need to work too much this evening.  Great for the frugal challenge!

Yesterday morning, I had to go to the Tescos in Baldock as there was no mince in the freezer and, while I was there, I picked up a huge lump of shin of beef that had been reduced.  I was well pleased as shin is so flavoursome and melts in your mouth after long, slow cooking.  I shall be digging my slow cooker out when I get home and looking up recipes.

Apart from that I read and knitted and chatted and generally had a lovely day.

Oh - and finally convinced my dad that subtitles are a Good Thing.  He's quite deaf, like me - in fact I inherited the condition from him.  However, he has always maintained that subtitles are a waste of time while I find them extremely helpful.  I put them on for something I watched on Saturday afternoon and it turns out the only experience he'd had was subtitles for live broadcasts, like the news, and, yes, they aren't great.  It's quite different for previously recorded stuff.  I think he will now use them much more.

On the way back this morning, I shall stop off at Aldi's in Bishops Stortford.  I drive right past it and it will save me a journey across town later on.  Once home it's a case of unpacking, putting on some washing and then dashing out for KnitterKnatter club.  I shall then stay at school and do my granny helper thing before coming home to a quiet, telly packed evening.

I have only just realised that there's a new series of the Pottery Throwdown.  I loved that last year so I'll have to catch up on iPlayer.  There seem to be a number of interesting things starting on the telly for the new year, which is great!

Well, better go and get a few things sorted.  Have a great day.

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