Sunday 5 February 2017


Good morning.  It's supposed to be getting cold again out there but I am toasty warm and don't intend to open any doors/windows to find out.

After Friday night's lack of sleep, I managed to stay awake all day yesterday and finally crashed out at nine o'clock.  I've slept brilliantly well and feel much more with it today, thank goodness.  No recurrence of the cramps, etc, which is a relief as poor daughter is suffering noro-wise again.  I haven't seen her since last Sunday so it was most unlikely to be that but I'm glad it isn't.

What did I do yesterday?  Well, not a lot.  I did some knitting and the four shepherds are nearly finished now.  I did some meal planning and made a shopping list for tomorrow.  I cooked dinner.  I read magazines and I chatted a lot.
It was pleasant!

On naughty thing - I went online and bought some more Miss Read books, including a few I haven't read.  All second hand so I didn't spend a huge amount (that's my excuse anyway) and now I have to re-arrange the books on the book shelves so I can have them all together.

Today will be more or less like yesterday, apart from the book buying, I suspect.  Oh, the hardship!

Have a great day.

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