Wednesday 1 February 2017


Good morning
A pinch and a punch
For the first of the month.

There - that's tradition sorted!

Yesterday was dull and wet all day and it looks as if today is going to be similar.  We had quite a lot of fine rain through the day, enough to stop us from wanting to go into town.  That means I have to go in today as the bank wouldn't allow a payment and I want to know why!  Also, because of that, they might have put a stop on my card, so I need to check that too.
I know they are looking after my money but it's a payment I have made before, from my account to another account of mine and they've done this before.  Very annoying.

So we both spent the day working in our own ways which sounds dull but it's a lot more interesting when there's someone to chat to from time to time.
I was gathering resources for my new pupil and my friend was writing reports!  So exciting!

Today we will have to pop into town, as mentioned above, but apart from that the agenda is clear.  It's a shame most good places to go to are not open at this time of year and my friend doesn't like gardens - even if it wasn't wet!

Never mind, we will have a good day anyway!  I hope you do too!


  1. You forgot white rabbits x 3!! Hope you get the bank sorted x

  2. I thought white rabbits was just for May 1st! :-)

    I did, thanks.
    J x

  3. My nanna said it was for when there was an r in the month!! Funny how traditions can differ!!

  4. Well, there you go!
    So many traditions depending on where you live or come from, aren't there?
    J x