Sunday 26 February 2017


I'm back to waking early today after yesterday's little lie-in.  It feels jolly cold but I think that is just me because it's not frosty or anywhere near frosty outside.I'm now looking forward to waking in daylight, coming down and throwing open the French windows to let in the lovely, fresh spring air.  Not long now.

As mentioned before, yesterday was good.

In the morning I picked Beth up and we drove out to Leonie's home where she gave ten of us thermo-addicts a demo of bread making.  I've been to one before but it wasn't a repeat, it was quite different and it finished with a soup and bread lunch that was infinitely superior to any I make with three soups and three types of bread plus a sweet bread for afters, all made in her thermomix and all absolutely delicious.  If I wasn't enthused about bread before, I would be now.

Bread is notoriously difficult to time and I was very impressed with the way she managed to get everything timetabled and done - several different breads, all at the same time.  I'd have got thoroughly muddled!
She gave me several ideas for things to make when we have a family do at the end of April as I want to do a sort of old fashioned bread, cheese and wine/beer buffet.  Now I can start planning my breads!
And to cap it all, she gave out goodies at the end - I had some granary bread.  Lovely and fresh.  When I got home, I use my new slicing thing and it was brilliant - worked perfectly to give me lovely, even slices which are now in the freezer, all except the nog-end which is on the menu for breakfast.

I dealt with some washing (too damp to hang it out) before finishing off sorting yesterday's leftovers.  Unfortunately (do I mean unfortunately? - really? - what a first world thing to say), my freezer is now bulging at the seams again.  Will I ever get it all down to manageable proportions?

Come the evening, I knitted and read, caught up with University Challenge, Mastermind and Only Connect on telly and daydreamed about bread making!

I thought I might have a go at something today but I will tell you about that if or when it works out properly!

The cold is still nibbling at my edges and every now and again I indulge in something to attach the aches and soreness.  It works a treat, softie that I am.  I'm thinking of my blogging friend, D, who really isn't well at the moment and hoping she feels a bit better this morning.

Today, Beth may or may not come over, so I will prepare some of my tomato and lentil soup and make some fancy bread which will do for one, two or three: if she doesn't come, it won't be wasted and if she does, so much the better.

So, with that in mind, I'd better go and get started.  I do like to have it all ready beforehand whenever possible.
But first - a second coffee!   Have a great day!

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