Tuesday 14 February 2017


. . . and good morning.  It doesn't feel too chilly this morning and, checking BBC Weather, it's possibly going to hit a comparatively tropical 9C during the day  I'm glad; yesterday evening I felt very shivery when I went to bed so, for the first time, made use of a Christmas present from Alex which was a hot water bottle with an owl cover.  It was remarkably cosy and comfortable and I shall remember this for future chilly nights.  Thank you, Alex.

The sleepy theme continued yesterday.  I woke up at my usual sort of time, got up, did stuff such as starting off a wash, tidying the kitchen, etc, before going up for my bath.  Then I felt sleepy so snuggled back into bed and woke again at nearly eleven!  I don't think you could call it a lie in exactly but it must have been needed and it was certainly welcome.

After wake up no.2, I took the washing out of the machine and, to my delight, hung it out on the line.  It was sunny and breezy and altogether delightful so I though I'd make use of that.  They didn't properly dry, of course, but they freshened up and ironing them later was a doddle!

Today I have no chance of extra sleeps.  I have a little parcel to post and then I'm off to the market.  Once home again, I shall be waiting for Sharon to come and work her usual magic on my hair.  She's a very busy lady and this time she's doing my hair today and then coming back to do Beth's hair tomorrow.

This evening it is Further Back in Time for Dinner on the telly which I am thoroughly enjoying and looking forward to.  This week it is the thirties so it will end on a down note.

The kettle has boiled and coffee is calling so I will close this and wish you all a very good day, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.


  1. Happy belated Valentines to you. I've yet to have a half term lie in yet and after being awake since 4am, today might be the day! Though I do need to nip in town with several chores to be doing. Might put it off until the morra! This week is whizzing by too darned fast!

  2. :-) Thank you and the same to you! I hope you did get a good lie in after such an early start when it's holiday time.
    I used to find that the first few days were OK, not too speedy but after that time just accelerated away.
    Did you go into town?
    J x