Wednesday 15 February 2017


Welcome to a very much warmer morning that we've had recently.  A mild evening yesterday too - I didn't even think of the hot water bottle and my toes were warm.  Very nice indeed.

Yesterday was great.  I popped into town, had a good reccy of the whole foods, f&v and meat stalls in the market and bought some chicken, some fenugreek, some bits of fabric and some polyester batting.  The fabric is in the washing machine at the moment to get any shrinking over and done with and one or two bits are so nice I think I might have to go back there next week to get some longer bits for summer skirts.
I had a parcel to post so got that done too.
Then I took a look in the Body Shop.  I used to love it in there and treated myself to some of their hair shampoo and conditioner which was not cheap but left my hair beautifully soft.  Sadly, it has changed a lot.  Gone are the refill facilities and they've got nothing now that I would particularly go for.  Very sad.  It doesn't even smell as nice any more.

Once home, I pottered around and then washed my hair so it would be wet when the wonderful Sharon came round.  An hour later I was neat and tidy again - it does feel good after a wash, cut and blow-dry!

Then I did more boring household stuff - washing, drying, ironing and so on.

Further Back in Time was really good again.  Somehow, they get a real atmosphere into the programme.  Last night it was the thirties and I was almost in tears when they listened to the broadcast announcing that war had been declared.  I am really looking forward to the next one which, I think, will be the last one, as the original series started in the 1950s.

Today, Beth is round for lunch and then Sharon is back to do Beth's hair.  Apart from that, I'm not sure how it's all going to play out.  More washing, etc, I know, and a kitchen tidy.  Oh, and I have some bread dough rising so that will make the house smell wonderful later on.

Have I ever said - I love this retired life!


  1. No wonder 'Body Shop' now feels 'alien' as they sold out to L'Oreal. So much for ethics. I still like Lush and treat myself from time to time.Jx

  2. I was going to suggest a look at Lush. The original Body Shop products are from recipes by the guy behind Lush, so it is similar. Anita Roddick bought the rights to those products from him way back when. L'Oreal have just put The Body Shop up for sale. It would be a lovely example of things going full circle if Lush bought the Body Shop and brought it back to what it used to be. Not sure that's very likely though...

  3. No, nor am I. We have a Lush in town I think, I must check. Thank you both for the recommendation.
    I feel a treat coming on! :-)
    J x