Thursday 2 March 2017


Ooops - I didn't post yesterday, so sorry.  I was a bit busy and then forgot.

On Tuesday I went off to Computer Word, ummed and ahed over different printers which, I am sure, are all much of a muchness really, and came home with a mid price think that proved really easy to set up with simple instructions for technotwits like me.  It's nice to have a reliable printer again.  Preparing for tuition was tricky without one.

After all that pressure (!), I spend much of the rest of the day relaxing and generally taking things easy which was nice as I think I'm just a bit post-virally.

Yesterday Beth came round and we spent the day working through orders.  Bags and owls.  It was lovely.  I made a couple of loaves for Beth to take home too.  She's back again today.

Today, being Thursday, is quite busy - comparatively busy, anyway!.  I will do a shop first thing, then I'm in school this afternoon followed by tuition.  I need to polish up the planning for that this morning.  And then, come the evening, there's a governors' meeting to enjoy!

Better get going then!


  1. You are lucky to have found a reliable printer. There are too many fancy gizmo ones that make no sense to me. Jx

  2. Well, I hope it is reliable. I guess the less fancy, the less can go wrong. Fingers crossed.
    J x