Tuesday 6 October 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's a mild-ish, damp and still early morning here, not actually raining at the moment but it has been and it probably will again according to the BBC weather site.  Specific spells of rain include morning and afternoon playtimes which is typical timing!  I'm hoping they are wrong.

I enjoyed yesterday!  Nice class, fun things happening.  The weather held for our harvest festival in the morning and we were able to do the fifteen or so minutes' walk to the church and then back again without getting damp.  Then it started to rain so the afternoon service (for the other half of the school) was held at school instead.  After all, it is all very well to say a bit of rain never hurt anyone but getting wet, gently steaming in a church (or anywhere) then getting wetter on the way home isn't the most popular thing with either children or adults!

It was also violins in the other half of the morning plus swimming in the afternoon so all-in-all a lively day.

I won't, after all, be taking that class today or the rest of the week as plans have changed.  So I am back to being me today, doing my PPA cover and then, on Wednesday morning, I have a half day of cover, just the morning.

Someone who knows me well came up to me to say how well I was looking, in fact I now look at least ten years younger!  I know I was looking a lot better than the stressed and drawn creature I was by the end of July but I didn't realise it was that dramatic!  Nice to know though!
I wonder how I will look by tomorrow lunchtime though!

So today I am back in school doing what I am contracted to do.  Should be fun and I am looking forward to it.

Breakfast:  marmite on toast
Lunch:  I am indulging in a school dinner because it is All Day Breakfast which is very delicious indeed.
Dinner:  Something light, not sure what yet.
And playtime fruit!

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