Saturday 24 October 2015


So here we are at the beginning of half term!  I have no idea about the weather and can't be bothered to open a window or door to look, but it feels a bit chilly in here as it is too early for the heating to click on.  Not so chilly that I am bolting back upstairs for extra covering though!

Oh, I was so tired yesterday evening.  On Thursday evening, as already mentioned, I was helping out at the school and by the time I got home my brain was a-fizzin' and it was well past midnight before I got to sleep.  Not terribly wise when there's a day's teaching ahead.  By the time I got home yesterday I was only fit to crash, which I did.  I slept most of the evening on and off, went to bed just before eight, went to sleep straight away and slept solidly until half past three.  I didn't even wake for the usual trip down the landing!  It may be an easly start to today but I feel great!

School was super.  Lovely class, lots of good planning left for me, what's not to like?  There was a bit of a muddle at one point and I did one thing at playtime when I should have been doing another but it was OK.  I did make a bit of a goof up with the dinner register though!

Each day there are at least two options, one of which is vegetarian, and on three of the five days they can also choose a jacket potato with a topping.  The choices are on a three week rotation.  So I looked at the menu and told them their choices which were ham and cheese pizza or cheese and tomato pizza.  A lot of children went for the cheese and tomato option.  I put this all on the electronic register and saved it.

About half an hour or so later along came someone in a great hurry to check that there really were so many vegetarian requests.  The kitchen staff were getting into a right panic because they didn't have enough spicy beanburgers for all my children who wanted them.

Spicy bean burgers?


You can guess what I did, can't you?  I only looked at the wrong week on the menu, that's all.  So I re-called the lunch menu and they all wanted fish fingers!  Sighs of relief all round and an embarassed supply teacher!  If I was in every day I'd never make that mistake.  I went to apologise to the kitchen staff at lunchtime and they laughed at me!  Ah, well . . .

It reminded me of last year when I gave the children in my class the options and had a little rave about the vegetarian option which was lentil and sweet potato curry.  As a result many more children asked for the vegetarian option that day and someone came to check.  On that occasion it was genuine and not a problem as they could just add a little bit more to the ingredients to accommodate.  It was so nice, in fact, that I asked for a copy of the recipe!

Today is mine.  Well, sort of.  Alex is staying overnight tonight so I must get some food in, Al being a typical bottomless teenager who can eat one out of house and home!  This morning the boys are coming to garden and as it is half term I think I will make muffins for them!  They'll like that!

As for Al, I guess I will make pizza so I need to get some toppings.  For tomorrow I was going to buy a chicken but I think I might have a rummage in the freezer first to see if there's anything I can use.  I bet there is!

Bread is also on the List Of Things To Do because I am right out of it - not even a loaf in the freezer.  That's what comes of having a busy life.  I will have to re-stock this week!

Better get started I suppose.  I want to be at Aldi at eight and I have a list to make before then, I have hair to wash and dough to make, washing to put in and a whole load of social media with which to catch up.  And I MUST renew my library books online!

See you tomorrow!

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