Tuesday 27 October 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  Wasn't it lovely weather yesterday?  Wall to wall sunshine apart from one half hour when it turned black and threatening and we could see the rain in the distance, falling like a black shadow from the clouds.  However, somehow, it never reached us and  the sun returned to brighten up the rest of the day.

It was a shame that I was too busy to fuss about hanging out washing because it was a perfect drying day.  By the time everything had settled down again there was no point - it would never have dried in the time.  By just after five I was drawing the curtains to shut out the approaching dusk.

The morning was a busy time.  I made the bread and popped round to school to deliver it.  I made the pastry case for the quiche and it looked OK.  I made seven mince pies with what was left from the pastry, two of which have gone the way of all mince pies and five of which are now safely in the freezer!  I made salad, baked jacket potatoes and finished off the quiche which, sadly, had a leak.  Luckily it was somewhere near the top so we ended up with a perfectly acceptable quiche which actually tasted really good.

As I said to Beth, I must do more pastry things.  It is perfectly ridiculous that I'm so nervous of the stuff and practise might make perfect.  Therefore, I feel that another quiche may be heading this way soon.  As long as I have a few veg to add to it, it's a meal in itself really.

All in all, it was a very tasty dinner.  There was stuff left over but not loads.  Beth took much of it with her to feed the teenager so it all worked out really well.

Today I have to tidy the kitchen a bit more and then Julia and I are off to see an autumnal Hyde Hall as the weather looks to be lovely again.  Must remember to take my camera with me!

Food today:
Breakfast:  Bacon sandwich - definitely bacon!  Has to be bacon today!.
Lunch:  Soup at Hyde Hall
Dinner:  steak with a mushroom sauce, fries and tomatoes

But first - coffee.


  1. Love the new look to your blog X have a great day out today and enjoy the bacon! I might join ya!

  2. Bacon is great! Looking at the Net that particular article seems to be having the exact opposite effect on most people as intended - quite right for such a misleading pile of bad science!

  3. Also I'm afraid of pastry too - I used to settle for buying ready made shortcrust regardless of what specifically I was making (blush)

  4. The bacon was delicious! I don't have it very often anyway but mmmmmmm. Hope you enjoy yours too.
    Chrissie, I buy puff pastry as I never have the patience to make it. If bought is good enough for Delia then it is certainly good enough for me! However, I must practise making shortcrust. I don't know why mine is so very bad!
    J x