Friday 16 October 2015


You know, I really should stop the weather prediction thing.  Yesterday I said:
"It is dark, dull, very cloudy and looks as if it is going to start raining any minute now.  Not nice after the many days of sunshine and a cool breeze!  And I have a pile of washing to do, mostly sheets.  I doubt they will get out on the line today"
. . . so what happened?  The sun came out and it was dry for long enough to dry two loads of washing!

So today it's going to pour all day, then snow overnight with hurricane force winds and thick fog!  There you go!  That guarantees a very pleasant day.

Actually, I gather from a post on Facebook that we had a thunderstorm overnight, not that I heard it!

After a long, long day on Wednesday I was super-tired yesterday but managed to stay awake until a reasonable bedtime.  Just as well too because yesterday < fanfare of trumpets > I did my first bit of private tuition - and very enjoyable it was too.  I used my experience, skills and knowledge but without needing to stressabout 'outstanding progress', WALTs, WILFs, ongoing provision, appropriate differentiation and an appropriate learning environment!  Thank goodness!  Here's to next week.  Oh - and I got paid too which was the icing on the cake.
Now I am all enthused about planning the next session!

Before that I went into school and did my 'nanny helper' thing.  Just as above, lovely to work with the children without any of the normal anxieties.

Today is hair day.  Lovely Sharon is over this morning to work her usual magic and then Beth and I will wreck it by putting some hours on the allotment.  I'm hoping a few hours in the fresh air will be just the ticket for my chesty cough - or, rather, to sort it out!

And then it is the weekend!  Yay.

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