Thursday 29 October 2015


Good morning to you all.
Hyde Hall 27-10-15

Despite the rain, yesterday ended up rather pleasant with sun most of the afternoon.  Today it has started off dull and dry but rain is forecast.  We will see.

I managed to get together the motivation to sort out the smaller freezer at last.  Oh, it was such a mess.  I'm afraid I needed to discard some extremely old and battered stuff, an act which made me feel both guilty and relieved at the same time.  This morning I need to tackle the chest freezer which will take considerable more time and effort but once that's done I am hoping I can move the stuff from the other freezer into the chest freezer and then defrost it.  Then perhaps I can bring back some organisation, not to mention making a list of what's in the chest freezer.

I'm not sure if I have already mentioned it, but a short while ago I bought a flute.  Not a new flute, just a second hand one, but from a reliable source.  I dug out a fingering chart from Google and started making peculiar sounds!  Maybe that was because I am in a peculiar situation - I'm pretty well versed in theory of music, can read stave notation (although I shall have a few problems with the leger line notes when I get to them) and basically have all the background knowledge.

I studied recorder for quite a while, taking graded exams in both descant and treble as well as teaching up to grade 5.  And that's proving to be a frustration as the fingering is so similar but not exactly the same and I keep forgetting.  Aaaarrrgghhhhh!  I think my muscle memory is getting old!
I'm practising scales like billy-oh and also playing familiar tunes rather badly from memory so I can learn the fingerings.  I'm even occasionally managing to get the higher G without hearing the lower octave at the same time.  I gather, from a friend, that having given birth will help me to support those higher notes because the 'push' is quite similar!  She said . . .
However, I have decided I need something more so I've just bought a tuition book on Amazon that was highly rated and which people said was great for adult learners.
In the meanwhile until it arrives I will continue with jingle bells, twinkle twinkle, Annie's song and the like!!
Poor neighbours!

Today I need to do some housework which shouldn't take too long but is necessary.  I need to bake too as a friend is coming over for coffee tomorrow morning.  There's also carrying on with the freezer.

I keep getting these strange urges.  I've mentioned it before but because it is half term I MUST catch up with everything - sort the freezer, tidy the shed, sort out all the cupboards, deal with the garden, etc, etc, etc.  It's been the same for years and years but really it is only now that I fully realise quite how much of a rush and a panic half terms were.  I still feel the panic and have to keep telling myself I can do it next week or the week after or whatever.
I guess it will get better in time!

Have a good day!


  1. I'm so sad that it's omg Thursday of half term!! I quite envy a lot of the free schools and academies who somehow have wangled two weeks off for half term. I've done a lot of sorting but now feel I need a week to enjoy it!

  2. It goes so very, very quickly, doesn't it? Not good.
    Academies may have wangled two weeks but it will have to be paid back somewhere else, I should imagine. Free schools are different . . .
    J x