Friday 2 October 2015

Friday (a bit later, sorry)

Ooops.  I left myself too much to do this morning and then slept late (late for me, that is).  So sorry.

I'm not long back from swimming and have had a delicious breakfast of toast from bread that was baked about three and a half hours ago and marmalade that was made at around the same time.  Nothing could be nicer but I want more!

The bread was part of the investigation into retarding dough but neither of the ways I have tried have fitted into the desired timescale although they have very definitely made delicious bread.  I'm going to try one more thing and that is to follow the process through to the 'in the tin' bit, then freeze the dough in the tin so that it is the right shape.  Then I intend to take the frozen dough out of the freezer tomorrow evening, put it back in the tin and let it thaw and prove overnight before baking early morning.  We will see . . .

I have plenty to be getting on with.  I have a casserole to start, hair to 'iron' (it sticks out all over the place after swimming), some washing to do and I need to go into school to find out about next week.  I suspect that also I will fall asleep at some point!

I'd better get started then.

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