Saturday 10 October 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.
It's way too early to see what sort of a day it is likely to turn into but I can see that it is dry and feel that it is cold and BBC weather thinks it is going to be beautifully sunny albeit not terribly warm.  I can live with that!

Yesterday turned into quite a different day than planned.  First of all, Beth tirned up as we were having breakfast.  She packed some of our Kitty Stitches things for posting.  Yes, gentle readers, we have sold some stuff.  Good, isn't it?  Please do take a look at our Facebook page at
and let us know if you would like to buy anything.

Once she had gone, I pootled off to Hobbycraft and got some fabric on special.  Not great fabric but at £3.00 a metre it isn't going to be.  This is to make mini carrier bags for my pots of jam.  I also got some iron on interfacing because I want to start making them and need something to stiffen the fabric a bit..

Then I went to Aldi which is quite close by.  As well as the usual shop I bought a snall turkey crown because Sonja and Milli will be coming here at some point before Christmas for their Christmas dinner.  It's hard to have celebratory meals when you haven't got a home-base so I will be doing one for them.  We did the same last year and it was lovely!
I'm just a bit worried that there won't be enough turkey but I can do extra pigs in blankets and/or get a turkey thigh joint from Morrisons as well so I'm sure there will be no problems.  They also had carrots on special so I got a bag and will get them prepared for the freezer.  So useful, when you want roasted vegetables, to have them ready prepped.

Then it was home to put shopping away and gloat over the fabric.  I made one little bag and can see hot to improve it.  It was neither difficult nor particularly fiddly so that's great.  Once used as a present bag, it can hold pot pourri, keys, wrapped sweets, whatever.

Come the evening I watched the Great British Menu banquet, even though I missed the previous two episodes this week so I know who got through and was very pleased.  I will catch up on iPlayer later on today.

That was about it for the day.  So much for plans to wash and iron!
Today is more of the same really, although I do want to get that washing done and out of the way!

Breakfast:  toast and marmalade
Lunch:  soup
Dinner: steak, salad and a few oven chips


  1. Wow just looked at your CATalogue pun intended. You have been busy and I hope you sell shed loads.

  2. Love the pun!
    Thanks, Diane - so do we, as you may imagine!
    J x

  3. Just had a look too. Rather sweet Xmas decorations you've got going on! May you sell millions!! It is still really warm here. I'm sat in blogland catching up on last night's strictly!

  4. Thanks for looking. You are allowed to buy too, you know! < grin >
    Strictly was good, wasn't it?
    J x