Tuesday 13 October 2015


Good morning, everyone.  It's dark and cold outside and inside the cold is progressing as any properly constituted cold does - with coughs and splutters and general anti-sociability!

I popped into school yesterday with the bread and to carry on with the assessment (nearly finished now) and someone said 'you sound terrible'.  I hadn't realised because I've not spoken for a couple of days!  Anyway, you know colds - they often sound a lot worse than they really are!

I managed to get the washing done and dried yesterday but, by then I was feeling worn out so I am afraid the ironing still sits in the basket.  This evening, maybe!

The slow cooker chutney simmered away in the slow cooker (surprise!) all day and it worked quite well.  I did need to take off the lid for the last hour to thicken a bit more but it was remarkably hassle free and tastes fantastic, albeit a little 'immature'.  It should be good by Christmas.  I remembered to fill two mini-pots as well as the normal ones and they will be for the two ladies for whom I bake bread.

Today, being Tuesday, is teaching day.  I have to admit that with this cold turning disgusting I could do without it but it is just one day and I am grateful that I'm not having to push myself in every day and ending up feeling a lot worse and having to have time off with all the guilt and awkwardness that entails.  It's not because anyone is difficult about it - they are most definitely not - it's other things.

Well, I had better stir my stumps and get moving.  Coffee first and then breakfast.

Today's food:
Breakfast:   Toast and marmalade
Lunch:  Cheese sarnie, apple, yogurt
Dinner:  Spag bol, fruit


  1. Let's hope. You feel better soon, after a full day at work, I think the ironing can wait till tomorrow! Mine can! I'm covering this morning in year 4 - parachute out for PE - can't wait!!

  2. You know what they say Joy a treated cold lasts two weeks and an untreated cold last a fortnight. Get well soon and rest is a good thing so get plenty

  3. I hope you had a fantastic time. Rachel. Parachute games are such fun.
    Diane, I've not heard that one, I don't think, but it's a goodie and so true! I'm home and wiped out now but my voice lasted! At least I CAN stay in tomorrow and don;t have to go to work.
    J x