Friday 23 October 2015


The dull and boring didn't last too long yesterday.  The sun came out, the parcel was the shears after all, the present arrived later on in the day and life got very busy.

In the end, after I had boiled up the chicken bones and skin, I decided to make a risotto in Thermione and jolly tasty it was too.  There was enough to make a very filling dinner yesterday and a school lunch today.  Not bad at all.

I went into school to do my nanny helper thing, chatted to the teacher whose class I am taking today and found out what the planning was, then came home and did my bit of private tuition (loved it again this week - MUST lok out for more, somehow, somewhere).  After gobbling down the risotto (scrummy) I was back in school to help FONS with the Christmas cards and there I stayed until well after nine.  At that point I left because there was nothing else I could do but the others were still hard at it, adding up amounts with calculators.  With my dyscalculia, I politely turned down any request to help with that!  I think I'd cause more problems than I solved.

I think it is safe to say that by the end of the day I was no longer feeling dull or boring!

Today, Friday, seems to be dry ad not all that chilly and I am zonked after a late night.

I'm doing supply cover all day.  Year 1 (brilliant) teaching a curriculum I know quite well and with which I feel at home.  What more could a teacher ask, eh?   I am really looking forward to it.

So no swimming, which is a shame, but next week I could go every day, should I want to (which I won't!).

Today's food (I keep forgetting to do this!)
Breakfast:  Toast and things on
Lunch: chicken risotto
Dinner:  Steak (yes, my favourite flat iron steak) with fried onions, maybe in a roll.  I'll see how I feel about that one.


  1. Looks like we made it!!! Half term I bloody love you! I'm covering my class again today - it's the perks of being the TA to the deputy I suppose! There's some lovely work planned and I will be having a quiet word with the three stooges at the beginning of the day. Be at peace with me in our class where they belong or they can be gifted out around school! Makes no odds to me. I get paid either way!! Have a great day xx

  2. For a retired person you're certainly busy! Really glad you're enjoying your ongoing involvement with the school, it almost sounds like the educational equivalent of being a grandparent - enjoying the fun bits but able to hand the kids back for the bits that aren't as enjoyable. Lovely!

  3. Rachel, yes, we made it!! It's half term now. Hope your three bad pennies were OK and didn't need to be shared out.
    I hope you get a half decent recompense for acting as a supply teacher amd saving the school an absolute fortune!
    Chrissie, you've hit the nail on the head there. It is rather like being a granny although I hadn't thought of it mike that. I'm lucky!
    J x