Thursday 15 October 2015


I'm writing this a bit later than usual which means that I can see very clearly what the weather will be although I wish I couldn't.  It is dark, dull, very cloudy and looks as if it is going to start raining any minute now.  Not nice after the many days of sunshine and a cool breeze!  And I have a pile of washing to do, mostly sheets.  I doubt they will get out on the line today so, as I am refusing to use the tumble dryer except in the direst emergency, they will have to drape all around the house!

Yesterday was fantastic!

I bustled around and got everywhere clean and tidy and even managed to throw away some 'stuff' that was not seriously valuable, useful or sentimental (must do more of that!).  I got dinner ready for go.  I even managed to grab about an hour's sleep in the afternoon which was very welcome after such an early start.  When Jackie came we had a light dinner and set off out to the Civic Theatre for our evening with Russell Watson.

The car park was packed and we were lucky to find a gap.  The theatre was packed and there was a real buzz, if you know what I mean.  And the concert was brilliant!

He had a pianist, a guitarist and a string quartet, all of whom were extremely good, and in the second half there was a choir as well.  It turned out that he uses a local choir for these evenings and they rehearse together just on that day.

There was more singing and less talking than last week's Lesley Garrett evening, not so many big laughs but plenty of chuckles, some items from the musicians and a good mix of classics and modern 'popular'.  I could quite cheerfully have sat through the same again, it was wonderfully entertaining with several favourites and a few I didn't know, plus my all time fave to finish off - 'You raise me up'.

After the concert, warned by last week when it took us nearly half an hour to get out of the car park, we whizzed back to the car ahead of the main throng and managed to get out straight away.  I think the god of concert goers was smiling on us because just about all the traffic lights turned to green as we approached them too.

Once home I got out supper, we opened a bottle (no, not lemonade!) and we sat in comfort and talked . . . and talked . . . and talked . . . and talked . . . and finally went to our respective rooms after one o'clock.

I'm tired now!  Thank goodness for no school and not a lot that HAS to be done this morning.

Jackie and I both agreed that we must do this more often.  It was such fun and so good to have time to talk.

Now I am loading the washing machine and then I'm sitting down with a book and my magic sleep-sparkle owly fleece and I should nod off fairly pronto!

Breakfast:  toast and things
Lunch:  something light.  Maybe some fruit as I have a lot of apples and also grapes left over from last night.
Dinner:  Left over normandy chicken from yesterday.

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