Monday 26 October 2015


. . . and the proper start of half term, given that weekends happen every week, school break or no school break.

And a very special day it is too.  Beth's birthday.  Born at 6:20 a.m. after an 'interesting' night.  Happy birthday, my dear.  I won't let my blogging world know your age!
Happy Birthday, Beth!

Yesterday Alex was here and I made pizza for lunch.  I have to say it was very good indeed.  I still have some pizza dough in the fridge so I may make another, smaller one for tea tonight or, perhaps, freeze it, given that there's likely to be leftovers from lunch.

Yesterday was the kind of day that had a lot of content but in bits and bobs so I was upping and downing, inning and outing quite a lot.  The sun shone so washing went on the line!   I was jolly tired come late afternoon because of the very early start, I suppose, so I had a snooze which helped a lot.

Because it is Beth's birthday, I am doing a birthday lunch.  I'm doing things I know she loves so it's quiche, jacket potatoes, a small salad and coleslaw with ham for Alex followed by Autumnal spiced plums which are really gorgeous.  I have the recipe in my other blog so here's a link
As well, I am making bread for one of my customers over half term week.  That's rising nicely and will soon be ready for shaping and proving.  The other customer is deferring this week as there's no way to get in touch, it being half term.

So, right now, the pastry for the quiche is blind baking and the bread dough is rising.  When the pastry is done I will do the plums.  Then there's the rest to prepare ahead of time - make the salad, prep the spuds, etc.  Nothing hard, it just takes time.

Later on I will pop down to the local party shop to get a few pretties to liven up the table.
Ah, well, there's nothing like keeping busy, is there?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Much as I love cooking and baking, as you can tell from this blog, I am useless at pastry, I really am.  Always have been.  I dread it and avoid it whenever possible.  I know it is supposed to be easy but . . .
I am trialling my newly acquired perforated quiche dish which is supposed to stop soggy bottoms.  I hope so!
Anyway, Thermione has been used and at least it's not the star of the dish, the eggs and cream are the stars!  There's some trimmings left over so, in my frugal mind I am thinking cheese straws, mince pies, jam tarts, whatever.  For now it will go in the fridge!

Have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  May your sun shine for you!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Beth! Don't worry o er your pastry. I always make mine in my food processor. So easy X

  2. Me too (or Thermione - same difference!) but it still ain't brilliant.
    I leaked - the quiche I mean. I obviously need more practice!