Friday 30 October 2015


Probably quite boring today so if you read on, You Have Been Warned!  OK?

Yesterday morning was a chilly affair.  By that I mean I was hovering half in and half out of the larger chest freezer, sorting it all out and recording what I had.

There were several good things

1.  I didn't have to discard (sounds better than 'throw out', more organised, somehow) nearly as much as I thought I might have to.  I was relieved as I hate wasting food.  OK, so I have some pretty old stuff in there but it won't have gone off in terms of being unsafe to eat and I can cope with slight changes in texture and, perhaps, taste.  It was all well wrapped (three cheers for Lakeland poly bags) and there were no nasty little bits like single chips or a scattering of peas down at the bottom.  I was quite chuffed about that!

2.  I now know I have several foody things for Christmas that I won't have to buy AND I know where they are too.  Three cheers.

3.  I also have very little need to shop for much for - ooooh, quite a long time!  That should have a major impact on my spending

4.  My drive to use up the frozen home cooked 'single portions' has been successful as there's not an awful lot of them left now.  I'm pleased about that as some were quite old and did need using up..

5.  There's very little that needs a crowd of people.  Nearly everything is individually wrapped.

6.  I now have enough room in the chest freezer to put all the stuff in the upright freezer in so I can defrost the latter.  It needs it - see the one bad thing below!

7.  I have an up to date inventory of what's out there.  Long overdue and very necessary.

And one bad thing:
When I defrost the upright freezer, I cannot get the top shelf out; it is frozen in.  I know it is full of things which might just have to be chucked unless I can cook and re-freeze.  We will have to see because I cannot remember what is there.

When I had finished I came in and wrapped myself around a rather delicious vegetable stew with chunks of home made bread that I had saved from the freezer.  It was good!

Today's food:
Breakfast: cheese on toast (I have to use up some cheese - that's my excise)
Lunch:  tuna burgers and salad
Dinne:  Sausages in bbq sauce, fries, peas, corn on the cob

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  1. Not at all boring! Today I cleaned out my tea towel drawer! It also houses my tinfoil and cling film, my steam bags and my egg poach pods! Do you see why I didn't bother posting?!!!