Thursday 1 October 2015


Pinch and punch - there, that's got the tradition over and done with.  Welcome to October.

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Another beautifully sunny day punctuated the end of September yesterday.  At times it felt rather chilly.  I had a front window open and the back door, creating a through draft and it was definitely feeling cool but in the sun it was wonderful.  Two loads of washing dried and the ironing basket is empty again.  I'm loving that.

Lunch with my friends was very pleasant.  There was a lot to talk about so we did and I now have more things to consider.  For a start, the local library has a small book group so I shall follow that up.  Also I will be sorting out some yarn for one of my friends who has started a little beginners' knitting group based at another library.  They are making smoothie hats for those Innocent bottles.  Dead easy and very quick - I made four last night and now have to think about how to decorate them!

It didn't take long to sort out the house which was more superficially untidy than anything else.  The spare room is ready for next week's visitors now which is something crossed off the list.  I have a bit more sorting out in the kitchen and there's my bedroom - always my bedroom!  I doubt I will ever get that completely straight as it is the dumping ground!

Normally I go into school this afternoon to read with Y2s but they are out on a school trip so I have a day off.  I'm hoping Beth will be round but she's not 100% so maybe not.  I have plenty to be getting on with anyway, including a walk to the library to return some books, borrow some more and have a word with Jenny about the book club, if she's there.  I also need to get on with some sewing and I have a garden that needs some attention too.

Or I might just be lazy!!!

I am wondering if bread dough freezes.  And if it does, how quickly does it warm up and get back to rising condition?  Google - here I come!  I think a few investigations are needed here but if any of my gentle readers know, please would you advise?  Thanks.

Breakfast:  porridge with yogurt and fruit
Lunch:  smoked salmon omelet
Dinner:  Spag bol.


  1. Can't help with this one but I believe that the commercial bread baked in supermarkets comes frozen so I would think it is possible and I know that you can freeze fresh yeast so there should be no problem.

  2. I'm doing a few experiments, just to see. It would make life easier if it works without deterioratioin of flavour and crumb. Worth a go anyway! Many thanks.
    By the way - I'm trying that Mary Berry recipe, thank you.
    J x