Sunday 27 September 2015


Good morning, gentle readers, and welcome to Sunday.  Today I actually managed to stay asleep beyond the darkness and, while it is certainly not properly light, it isn't completely dark either   It looks OK out there, no rain (MUST remember to water the tomatoes) and fingers crossed it turns into another lovely day.

It seems that 'they' think we could be in for a bit of an Indian summer with plenty of sun and I do hope so because, guess what, the accidental hundreds and thousands tomato plant actually has one (of the hundreds of minis on the plant), just one tomato going orange.  It's taken its time but a week or so of sun and I could get quite a lot of fruit from it.  That would be not bad for an accidental, third generation plant - anything would be a bonus after all.

After the final picking of the runners, yesterday the plants came down and now there's a gap.  The runner beans grow up a metal arch between two of the beds and it now looks very bare and empty again.  Fortunately, the many rooting strawberry runners take away complete bareness from the bed and the tomatoes the other end are looking odd, as they do at this time of the year, but productive.

In the kitchen I set to and created a vegetable 'stew' for dinner today.  I found a recipe for egg based dumplings and wanted to try it so needed something to cook them in.  I'll give it a whirl and see.  The stew has onion, potato, carrot, sweet potato, courgette, mushroom, butter beans, lentils and oats in chopped tomato with stock and herbs, garlic, a bit of chilli and seasonings and it tastes ever so nice!  I'm expecting that the flavours will have developed overnight and it will be even more scrummy today!  Maybe I will remember to take a photo, Valerie, you never know!

It was all go p.m.  Eddie came to carry on with sorting out the new computer.  Sim turned up to do some gardening.  Beth arrived to sew.  Nice!

For once, Saturday evening was filled with telly I wanted to watch.  Pointless, Strictly, Doctor Who and then I turned to another channel to watch the Vicar of Dibley.  Plenty of alternatives to rugby, thank goodness!  To celebrate, I ordered in a take away, bad me!

Today I have bread to make for my two customers and maybe bread for Beth, I need to check.  There's a bedroom to sort out which will result in washing to do so please, sun, shine for me.  No swimming today but we will both be going tomorrow morning.

Breakfast: toast, etc
Dinner: Vegetable stew with dumplings - and if it works I will have to think of another name - something more interesting than 'stew'.  Any ideas?
Tea: re-heated takeaway!

But first - coffee.  Real coffee seeing as it is Sunday.  And talking of coffee, I see that an Aldi coffee has come top in a Which? taste thingy.  Cheapest and best.  I like that!  I like their Italian blend which is what I have at the moment.  Better go and get it rolling then.

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