Wednesday 23 September 2015


Welcome to what looks as if it will be a beautifully sunny day.  It was rather chilly earlier on but the sun should bring the temperature up somewhat.

I know it was chilly earlier because I did one of my increasingly rare waking at stupid o'clock things.  Two of the morning IS stupid, isn't it?  Fortunately I managed to get back to sleep after about three hours awake and doing so I should be OK today.  I know why - I was tired yesterday evening, slept from 7 to 8 and then went to bed not long after that.  My fault!

Yesterday was my day in school.  Year 1 and then Foundation Stage.  It is fun seeing activities, worksheets and resources I created years ago still being used.  It also amuses me that people still ask me questions as if I should know - such as 'is assembly in the big or the little hall?'.

After a few words with someone who knows, we sorted out the problems with the software and now I can get on with what I would have done in the holidays, had there not been problems.  It is going to take several hours - no, more than several, to get it done so I am starting this afternoon!

Something that's never happened before - after school the fire alarm went off.  Now, we are fairly used to the alarm being tested when the children are not there but, as this one went on and on, we realised that it wasn't just a test so we all had to pile out of the school into the playground while it was sorted out.  I guess there will be some sort of post mortem today although I am not likely to hear what happened.
Fortunately it wasn't raining!

After that bit of excitement I came home and did not-a-lot!

Today I'm meeting Beth in the pool for the first swim either of us have had for a while.  Life sort of got in the way.  After that it is sewing until I go into school.  I also have a pile of washing which I need to get done today.

And it is Bake Off this evening!

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